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6. International Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences Congress

The sixth EMI Congress will be held in International Gorazde University (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 16-18 September 2021.

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2nd International CEO Social Sciences Congress, planned to be held on 19-22 August 2021 will be held in Georgian National University SEU in Georgia. There is an opportunity to participate online in the congress.

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Stay safe and explore a wide variety of top MBA and Masters programmes

Now is the time to invest in your career growth. Secure your future with an MBA or Masters degree and a new business network. Explore the best business schools while staying safe at home. Access MBA and Access Masters give you a unique interactive online opportunity to meet One-to-One admissions directors from top international business and management schools. Stand out with your drive to grow and look into the future. Explore the MBA and Masters programmes that are best suited to take your career to the next level.

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The world of internal medicine will gather on the 6th McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine, Kraków, Poland on May 7–9, 2020. The 3-day EBM course features lectures delivered by outstanding experts, from authors of clinical practice guidelines to researchers behind the breakthrough trials that shape the modern standards in medicine. On the first day, May 7, participants will be able to choose from a number of clinical workshops as well as take part in the Best Case Report Contest. On May 8, in parallel to MIRCIM lectures, the EFIM Day will take place. MIRCIM is an affordable course where all generations of medical practitioners meet – from students and young internists to experienced authorities.

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